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Where does a secret room or tunnel that no one knows about lead?

What's a great website that everyone should know how to use?

You are now the Pope's personal bong boy. How many times you can fill his mug before he fills it to capacity?

If you had access to the dark web, how would you use it?

In the video game Grand Theft Auto, there is a point where the entire story mode is based on one theft. What are some other points of the story?

[Serious] why people still can’t handle the secret service protecting Trump?

What is the best site you’ve visited that people just don't know about?

This is my last post. Why?

what was the best line you ever

What did you ask a kid out in the neighborhood, and he always had a hand in everything that you see?

YouTube is changing the way we watch videos?

If you had access to a room with no doors, and the door to the outside world was just a key, what would you do?

Women, what’s a word you can�

Einstein said “if you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.�

What would be the funniest nicknames for a Facebook account with the name "Sockpuppet Sockpuppet" (Based on the Old English name for a young man who takes notes with both hands instead

If someone confessed to you they were having sex with you 50 years from now would you

What movie is fucked completely up?

The internet is full of couples having amazing sex in their homes, but what about your office or otherwise?

We are the Stalkers, the guys with the infected arm, what do we do?

What is one thing you can say both as a barista and during sex?

Of all things to take his place, what would be the most insane thing Trump could do?

What is something that is extremely controversial, but is extremely common sense?

What did Ghandi get wrong about India?

Gamers of Reddit, what is your honest opinion on America?

What were some of the best and most helpful things you ever did for someone in need?