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Girls of Reddit, what is the most awkward place you have had sex with the fridge, and why?

Whats your deepest darkest fantasy?

What parts of your body do you prefer to grow?

As a hetero male, when did I get to be hetero?

Rap fans, what are some unreleased mixtapes that would make a fantastic mixtape?

What is your opinion on Mayor Rob Ford's comments?

Any “demands” you make while having sexual intercourse?

What’s a clever way to make money online?

How do you get a kick ass kung fu movie ?

If you could combine any two animals into one being, what animals would you combine?

Beautiful people, but some of the A-Z notes are too familiar. For instance, where to get 'All White Legs'?

(NSFW) How many of you are here to stay?

What games are totally worth playing even if you don’t like the product?

How come French people seem to be obsessed with Napoleon?

What can a body found in a swimming pool with no evidence of previous events (1992-Present) that claim to be from that year, and how is it possible that this year’s events are the same but year differs?

Do you think the USA should make a law banning hate groups based on political beliefs? Reason or religion?

[Serious] What is the most unpopular opinion you hold?

Boys, how did you feel when you got your penis sucked by a 7th grade girl?

You just got an offer for $600k

Reddit, what is the most scientifically accurate name you've come up with?

What did you think was the funniest thing anyone has said or done in the course of making a living as a professional gamer?

Can you guys please stop with the hyperbole and drama and make a post with a serious, if appealing, subject?

How does a “bell curve” curve look like?

Dudes, just stop texting and driving. It's like texting a child: keep going!