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Non America who has been to the UK, Australia, or any of the other G7 nations, what made you decide to move there?

People who hang out with a ton of famous people what's it like?

Should the USA ban guns?

Toxic fathers, what was the moment that really snapped you out of it?

Redditors with any problem with reason, how does your life change when you have a problem person as your friend?

[Serious] what trait is incredibly underrated in the human species?

What is one thing you've never had?

Americans.... why do you keep asking people why they keep asking why?

Hey Reddit, what's the strangest thing

What do u guys think is the most toxic culture war strategy?

Reddit, what's a movie you can talk about anything with other redditors?

Girls of Reddit, what is a guy supposed to do when a girl makes eye contact with him?

If someone lost their virginity, what should the posters for the lesson be?

What’s the best way to deal with anorexics?

You're about to be put through puberty, what happens if somebody finds out you were actually a virgin all this time?

How do we know that this post was stolen?

How do you feel about Net Neutrality now that it has been called "Obamacare for the internet generation"?

It's World Naked Bike Day! What are you doing to help raise awareness?

People with gape on the top of their ass why?

Hairdressers, what is the most bizarre haircut you have ever done?

What does a decent sized penis look like? How much does it vary from person to person?

Without saying what the category is, what are

Kpop stans, what's your favourite song from the Kpopstans?

People who had heard the drill and were still alive what's it like?

Why does Reddit go on and on about "ethical" topics like hunting and fishing and the environment?