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I lost my virginity to my best friend's boyfriend. He was a virgin himself. What was the experience like?

what would your worst nightmare scenario be?

Who will be the worst president of all time?

What is the most fucked up thing a medical professional has ever done to you?

[Serious] What is one thing people always ask you when you tell them what you do for a living (+ your response)?

What makes people think that Wu-Tang is legit?

What happened at the wedding that didn’t go according to plan?

Ladies of Reddit what do you prefer sex and boobs?

Hey Reddit, what do you think about Shrek?

People of Reddit, how often do you poop in the woods, and what is the best drug to take with you?

[Serious] If you were framed for the last movie you saw, what would you say?

[Serious] What's the most fucked up thing someone did as a child that you still remember?

What's something you've never learned to do as a child?

"Nothing ever sticks forever," said Winston Churchill, "Except maybe sex." What are some things that are forever changed?

What season were you happiest with?

What’s the stupidest thing you can say in a porno?

People who have not experienced racism in their life, what made you believe it was okay to be white ?

If movies had a comment section similar to YouTube, what would the top comment be on "Blade runner 2049"?

Dear Reddit, How Have You Loved Ones Been Since The Fire Nation Riots ?

Goodwill/thrift shop workers of reddit, have you ever been accused of stealing anything, if so how did the accused parties defend themselves?

Ladies of reddit, since you are naked do you think a dog would enjoy licking your ass?

Which Are You More Gung Ho For? The 1% or The 99%?

What is your honest opinion about the current political climate?

What are some things that sound like compliments but

What are the reasons why people hate vegans so much?