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[Serious] female novelists, what are some of the most interesting (and erotica filled) novels you have come across?

What is one time you felt like the coolest person in the world?

What's the most embarrassing thing your parents did and still do to this day?

Pepole of reddit, why?

What will you never do?

[Serious] what is something positive that the Trump administration can do to help the working class?

Which are the most creative ways to say “get fucked”?

What would be the greatest variation of "

Just curious, what is your favorite episode of the Curious Incident of the Body?

Guys, why do you always have to wear a girl's panties?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?

What’s the best thing about China?

People who actually made it to the White House, what are your thoughts on Trump's first day?

What's a kink you didn't know you had?

Ppl of reddit what is the most awkward thing you have ever seen between a male and a female?

If you had a clone army, what weapons would you choose to fight what other countries have (spoilers)?

What’s the best option you've found when dealing with a narcissist?

Even after all the tax breaks, the top 5% of earners in this country pay 58% of all taxes in America while the bottom 50% takes home only 2% of the total?

Which strange facts about men has always bothered you, even when you were first dating them?

Is there a popular ( Nickelodeon , etc) character that you feel bad for but is actually a great main character?

What are some good free software alternatives to ad-supported streaming?

Related: Prince William's new dog is 'very handsome' but 'came from a very small town'

Trump voters, what is the WORST thing you can say about someone else's political party?

How do you feel about breast-feeding while wearing a diaper?

What are your favorite moments from ‘WTF just happened’?