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What is your favourite memory from the first day of Reddit?

What's more ridiculous: Trump's claim that the election results are not affected by voter fraud, or Jill Stein's claim that there is widespread voter suppression occurring?

What was the funniest story that made you cry like crazy?

What positive reinforcement techniques have you used successfully?

Cops of reddit, what was the weirdest thing someone said to you?

If you could choose a different word for 'bitch', what would it be?

What's the best bottle opener you've ever used?

Is there anybody else who put 'nolan back before the letter

How does the racism against whites in America compare to the racism against blacks in America?

Should I give karma 12 and if not, why?

Why do you still read AskReddit questions ?

What products have you guys used heavily for sex?

What is the most creative way of cheating death?

If 12 year old you made a time machine and came to

What do you think your username should be?

A fictional character is about to have their death, what do you think will happen to them?

You have to have sex with the worst sex scene in the history of the human species. Who does it belong to?

People who work in human resources, what's the craziest shit you've heard people argue over?

How can you stop reposting/upvoting a post if you are so excited to do it again?

People who eat ass

What sort of things can be applied to the Black Lives Matter movement?

People who don't support Bernie Sanders. Why not?

How much is your day?

What is one weird thing you did as a child?

What's the most amount of fame/popularity , if any celebrity would you like to get to know better, by following their footsteps ?