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What’s a short, sweet and really clever reply that gets to the heart of the matter?

You have to have a threesome with one actor, who plays both roles, who do you choose?

[Serious] White Men of Reddit: What's the best way you “sparked” a Black Lives Matter movement?

Add 'Insecure' to the end of a movie title. What is it now?

People with ocd and anxiety, what do you do to get through it?

What is the difference between the way you look at others and the way you treat them?

Reddit, can you help? Blurred Lines is blurry...

People who got an orgasm from simply holding your hand, how did it go?

If you had a clone of James Bond (Daniel Craig) what would you do with him?

Americans: Why are

People who are bi, what was the moment that changed everything for you?

Should someone with a learning disability or paraplegic be forced to attend a school in order to further their learning? Why or why not?

How does a Caucasian need to look to racially profile a group of Africans to understand how groups like the   Black Lives Matter Movement are affected by white privilege?

What do you consider to be "black people's history"?

Why is it called adolescence?

Americans - how has COVID-19 affected you guys positively?

Fat Reddit, what are some "fat friends" like ?

What can the actual FUCK give a toss about?

If you had the option right now to kill anyone who doesn’t respond with a body count, why don’t you do it?

What are some movie-theater tricks you've learned over the years?

The video game series "The Last Of Us" is becoming a television series, according to a new report.

Hiring managers of Reddit, what was the best decision made during this time of transition?

What is something you like about your age, but dislike the fact that you are now?

What's your favourite thing about yourself?

You are about to be killed, but instead of killing yourself, you watch a video of a child actor playing a murder scene. What’s the clip?