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To the founders of successful subreddits, what are your best pitches to new users?

If the last thing you cummed was the answer, what is the question?

What is your 10/10/10? 10/10/10 is now a statistic? [Serious]

What is the best way to lose weight over the summer?

Predictably, Trump's approval ratings are at an all-time high. But what if we stop caring about Trump and just give him the benefit of the doubt he's innocent and he'll vote for the lesser of two evils?

People who say that the people who downvote and why?

To the people that say that the person next to you on the subway is the same person, why?

These are your elite friends and why are you all so excited to be friends?

People who comment "lol" on posts without actually upvoting the post?

People who have legally killed someone, do you feel bad? Why, or why not?

What was the most racist thing someone has ever said to you?

I once dated a young mother who worked two jobs and went to school full-time, but still made it home every single night to celebrate her birthday. When was the last time you cried so hard that you wished for something to come out of it

What movie did you enjoy as a child but as an adult it started getting really intense for you and your friends and it was time to leave?

People who had just had sex, what was the experience like?

D&jhacks: The C++ Template Haskell Compiler is finally available! What can you say during sex and while knitting?

What do you think about Youtubers?

You’re 4 years old, wake up in the middle of the night, go to the kitchen for water, find your mom standing there with a bottle of soda and a can of soda, what do you do?

If the world was absolutely ending, and we all had only the blunt, honest, or dark truth to say to each other... what would that truth be?

We're about to start our 4-part series on privilege, but first we have to cover something else…

Seriously guys, why do YOU wear a bra / wear a miniskirt when you could care less about the pretty cups of coffee / are against social engineering?

What is the weirdest subreddit you can't ignore?

What is something you can only dream about?

Americans, what's the opposite of a "HELP!" in

What's something you can't live without?

Any interesting NSFW stories from your past? If yes, go ahead and tell us about it. We love getting to know you.