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What are some of the best open source projects out there?

What are your favorite "what if" scenarios?

What do you think of the homophobia in the LGBT community?

If your life was a story,

What do you think would happen if Trump won the 2020 election and Republicans took back the House and Senate?

What simple but extremely powerful trick would be impossible to pull off in real life?

Marry the person you love and don't think about anything else for a bit, this will make your day a lot better. What would you do?

Parents of reddit, what is your "glue guy" story?

What was your best

Teachers, what's the funniest incident you've seen involving a student?

What trivial thing becomes an absolute outrage when you think about it?

Professors of Reddit, what is the best way you have seen a class struggle develop between students and administrators?

What are some subtle ways in a friend's attempt to be helpful?

What are some Cool Weird Facts About The Universe ?

Transgenders, how does it feel having experienced masturbating from both sexes and especially the female version? Do you enjoy it? Do you think it's weird?

What's a single line from a movie that you can always apply to your life?

If you could combine any two animals into one being what animal would you combine?

If someone asks you out on a date, what do you say to them to make it interesting?

What is one thing you're very good at?

What was a gift that someone even messaged you with, but you still remember?

What happened at your work which caused all the sudden ‘work trip’ to be a thing?

How much does a lion cost?

What do you call a fat girl?

Men of Reddit who tell their girlfriends or wives that they can cum whenever they like, how often are you able to do it and do you bother them?

U.S. citizens, how do you feel about police brutality and the militarization of our police force?