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[Serious] high school teachers of Reddit, what was one situation where you honestly felt like you’d lost the game?

Have you ever had a dream so good that you

Have you ever had a dream so good, you got so hyped up from it that you became anxious about its outcome? If so, what was it?

What are some GREAT games you've played/created in the browser/mobile (IE. browser game, not a simulator/modeling in any way)?

How would you want your body to be dealt with after you die?

What are your opinions on the rape joke?

People of Reddit, if every country rallied around the world as the slave trade ended, what would the world be like in the next century?

What makes people think that “all lives matter” instead of just “black lives matter”?

When was the last time you remember being fully awake, and why?

You are gifted 120 planets from another dimension, the second half of which will be occupied by making as many puns as possible. You are required to write a letter to your mother. What is the letter and what is the intended recipient?

[Serious] What are your thoughts on the concept of a 3rd world war?

You get to create a new United States for life. What's the coolest thing about your new country?

'Til death do us part, would you be willing to stop supporting Trump?

[Serious] What is the worst day you've ever had?

People with birthmarks, how did you find them, and what do you wish people would stop doing??

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, how do you go through with it and what is it used for?

People who grew up with no video games and were

How do you think your countrymen are handling this "cops are humans too" thing?

What did you always question as a child that you still wonder to this day?

[Serious] Have you ever felt you don't know/have forgotten who you really are?

What is your answer to a 5?

You are suddenly 6 feet tall and weigh 220 pounds, and can speak, understand and write Basic (Basic needs a lot of work)

Who is the most toxic person you have ever met and how did you meet them?

What’s a safe word you can use to describe a situation that is really violent and disturbing?

What did you think was a joke when you heard it?