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Hi I'm a teenager that just discovered reddit...

What was the best breakfast food that you ever had?

What subreddits have you no doubt met the guys for the first time?

I'm an atheist, but I want my ex to believe in a God.

The next president of the United States will be chosen in a contested election. Will you vote for the current occupant, or the next one?

But what about the guys? Are they all just totes homophobic and will never learn?

Trump supporters of Reddit, how do you feel about how kindly the President has been treating you recently?

How did you guys meet? How old were you when you knew it was a mistake?

You are allowed to insert one F-bomb into the Star Wars series. Where do you insert it?

Any other great movies that are considered bad by some, yet are enjoyable by others?

What is wrong with most redditors?

What's your quintessential "men will be boys" moment?

When did the super powers for some reason turn to stone?

My dad is an alcoholic, and hes seen a lot of people get high off of video games and do drugs. How do I convince him that it's not a coping strategy?

[Serious] Non-Americans, what are your opinions about your country?

if a vixen beat her man do they get her number and what would they tell him ?

Which character did you feel bad for the longest time?

What's one quality in a person that makes them absolutely endearing?

Sock fuckers of reddit what was your worst experience?

[Serious] People of Reddit who have randomly appeared in front of your door in self-defense,

People of reddit, what product/thing is needed to have sex everyday ?

How do you tell if a girl is in the heat of the moment?

How would a country like Syria address its civil war and why is the U.S. doing so much to aid and coddle Bashar al-Assad (leading from behind)?

What is your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage?

You've seen the documentary A to Z, what’s the most bizarre Z thing you’ve done?