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Best selling author, tv chef, private eye and entrepreneur David Goggins is back to talk about his new TV show, The Jinx. David has been undercover as a policeman and spy for 10 years and can tell you about some of the most shocking cases he has been involved in.

Reddit, I am an Atheist and a Juggalo. Do you know of any good alternative media to the controlled media of today?

How would you feel about teaching English as a second language?

Blind People of Reddit, Have You Ever Been Discovered?

You now get to decide if your child has blue balls or white balls. If they have both, what is your child's nickname?

Does eating a delicious home cooked meal once a year actually help with asthma attacks and related symptoms? Why or why not?

If you could pick ONE romantic relationship in the entire series, why?

Gamers of Reddit: What is something about your childhood that you want to share?

Hackers of Reddit, what are some good first-world problems to start hacking?

What are your opinions on the current political situation in the world?

Ladies, what is something you want to tell a guy and how would you go about it?

Gamers of Reddit. Every video game that you played as a child (both real life and video games) is ruined for me. What ruined your childhood?

What do you think about that guy with the acne on his face?

What's the funniest thing you've heard from a skeptic?

[serious] What are some subtle ways of expressing disappointment?

If games like Grand Theft Auto cause violence and the like, how come there's no talk about how it's causing more than just violence?

What is the best free online certificate you can complete that will make your friends look incredibly stupid?

If you were the enemy of the United States what would you do?

Girls of reddit, what are some NSFW hints you've thrown your way that you're pretty sure the guy saw?

What's the best video game that you’ve ever played?

Why do some people give gift cards to strangers and why are you even bothering to give them the gift card at all?

What are some good podcasts to binge?

What were your first few moments when you realised you were a child again?

What are some gender-neutral first names that you can think of that girls will definitely recognize?

People who got in trouble with the cops, what's your story?