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Everyone's a little bitch nowadays, let's give her a break!

Redditors, how would you feel about someone who openly identified as a sexist?

What about everyone else on Reddit is so assholish?

Ladies of Reddit - what is the most sexiest thing anyone has ever done to you?

People of Reddit who had supernanny, were they effective? How long did it last?

Women of Reddit, what is something you'd like men to stop doing?

What do you think is the perfect music video?

People who talk in their sleep, what's the most sexiest thing you've said?

You're a pharmacologist, what's the worst thing a patient has said or done that you've helped resolve?

What's a game you played as a child that is still played to this day?

What’s a good way to present a positive spin on anything?

What is something that has happened in your life that makes you question your existence?

what did i do wrong ?

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[Serious] what are some red flags that you noticed early on in life that would eventually turn out to be a red flag?

To what degree do you feel alienated from your friends?

What were the dumbest things your parents told you as a kid?

What was the single, best, most useful website you’ve visited in your life?

What exactly do you think about trump?

What do you do to get yourself to go out and have fun?

The Game Boy Advance is rated: 0-11 and your goal is to create the biggest opening in history. What are you doing to get it right?

People of Reddit who used to be called Jenny/Greta, what was the name like in real life?

what’s it like to be the centre of attention?

What, if anything, has been negatively effected, in a positive way, by the knowledge that at least some police are not cowards?

What's a great question to ask on this subreddit?