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What’s your experience with racism?

If you were a 10 year old again, what would you do with all the free time you have?

What do you think about 'Princess Di'?!?

What do you guys think about cucks?

What's something big you can do to make the world a better place?

The president was literally assassinated by a left-wing extremist. How do you feel about someone who doesn't care about the people they pretend to be?

What's an underrated cool game do you wanna give a go?

What movie doesn’t have a badass in the title?

What does a shirt under the sun mean?

Doctors of Reddit, what was the best excuse you've heard when a patient failed a drug test?

If you could travel through space and time, what would

If your girlfriend was in your class X washer/dryer

What was the stupidest thing anyone has ever done to you?

What do you think of the Sam Houston State Park name change to Sam Houston State Park?

(NSFW) Have you ever been in a romantic relationship? If so, what was going through your mind as you were in love and how did it change your thinking?

What do you guys think about 'Bart the Murderer'’s theory?

Would you date a woman without breasts and what would make her the ideal woman for you?

If a virus killed you, what would be the last thing you did in life?

[serious] For those who were in long distance relationships before they got married and still are after all these years. [Serious] How do you feel about the thought of remarrying?

What do you think of the People's Republic of Reddit?

As a non-American who is appalled by the lack of understanding that is happening in the US right now, what are your thoughts on police treating us like second class citizens?

Not everything is black and white. Here are some grey areas.

If news broke that Disney was going to make a film about a neo-Nazi organization, what would you think of it?

How can a country as advanced as the UK allow people to practice and brag about their national past times as if they were foreign?

What is a free video editing app?