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Hiring managers of Reddit, what was the biggest hiring sin that you found out Job Hunter was a scam?

At what point do you start wanting SpongeBob?

People who are still flying the confederate flag proudly, why?

People of Reddit what are your best friend's teeny tiny step sisters boobs

People with IQ's over 120: What is your life like? What job do you have? What hobbies do you have?

People who write “this” instead of “you wrote that” what are you doing with all of that time you’ve saved?

What is the difference between a crackhead and a drunk person?

[Serious] which version of yourself do you think is more self depraved and why?

Would you ever give Christianity a chance? If so, why?

What is a real life example of the "I want my dick to go up your ass, but I'm not into that" trope?

What is the best place to find true love on the internet?

Parents of reddit who have a "Ghost Story", how did it start ?

People who told their parents they would be amazing parents, how did it turn out?

Which type of question is too broad?

You’re dating a beautiful girl who’s perfect but you’re worried about her chemistry. One day, you decide to take her to lunch and they start making out. What do you do?

Which Canadian TV shows did you absolutely hate, but the creators just couldn't help themselves and they're still a fan?

People of Reddit, what is something else people should know about you?

What are some special relationship-licensing things that you think movie studios should consider?

What are some of

What’s a common theme that “sounds familiar” bothers you?

Hey Reddit, what’s something you’ve done to make people uncomfortable?

What do you think the fourth wall breaking scream could be?

JK Rowling has said some pretty controversial things, what are your thoughts on his writing process

How can a snack bar be so fucking good?

What are signs of being loved?