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This is an unprecedented operation, something that the military/security complex will never execute again. What's the best way you think of it?

People who have been missing someone in your life, what could it be?

People who were against gender equality until recently,

What did you think about Final Fantasy XV?

Who is the most likely person to snap and attack Donald Trump

Trump's latest ploy to appear tough is probably a success. But what else could he up the ante on in the next few days?

Dear journos, what is your “holier than thou” experience in a (joke)?

Which subreddit would you like to kick into high gear?

What would you change about the U.S. Constitution?

Those of you who work in Human Resources, what's the weirdest thing people have done with HR help?

What is a cliché to this day that you still hear from now and again?

How do you get a post on Reddit as good as this?

The last movie you saw with your own two eyes is now playing on the big screen. What are the plot points from this film that you can finally reveal to others?

Gentlemen, let's just pause for a second and say this:

Joe Biden: "Every American should be ashamed of themselves"

Any interesting NSFW stories? If yes, then what is?

What is the first video game that you/your friends have played together?

What's an "aha" moment that you've had that made you realize you had a "thing" in life?

People who voted for Harambe last election: are you planning on voting for Deez N

What actor is an example of someone with good judgement but bad timing?

Doctors of reddit, what is the best part about your job?

People with IQ's of 150 and over what do you do for a living?

People who just upvote what they see, why?

Admins of Reddit, what's your favorite subreddit and what would you like to see more of?

People that masturbate, why?