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Swap a word from your favourite movie quote with "eat dirt" or "eat pussy". What do you get?

When did the number one spot on Reddit become a thing?

Everyone in the world is going to hell, what do you think the last person you saw was going to be sent there?

White Macy's employee was attacked and beaten to death by anti-racism protesters; the protesters are chanting "Black lives matter." What is the media's response?

Girls of reddit, what is the best way you've ever seen your brocenace play on female characters?

What was something the “weird kid” at your school that you didn’t realize was actually a massive weirdo?

The Pope slapped a woman to protest against Trump, what will happen to his legacy?

Now that we found 5 humans to rule them all, how do you think the world will change in the next 12 hours?

JK Rowling is finally done creating new stories, which will be the end of the Harry Potter series. What other poorly written crap have we been through to this point?

People of reddit who are voting for Trump 2020, why?

My girlfriend was just murdered and i feel like shit. :(

Great website but can get overwhelming quick?

What do you think about Dr. Phil?

Who else thinks Star Wars is a bit much?

What was a great example of someone being too generous?

People who hate it when you can’t decide if you like them or hate them - how do you deal with these kind of things?

Why do some people think war is the solution?

What happened to premar

Where to find Rob Thomas' shirt that he was photographed wearing in the Halloween video?

What TV shows can be completely redone to improve upon its current version?

What if tomorrow everyone woke up with identical genitals to the day before, but each of them had their own unique mind?

[Serious] what is the most fucked up thing your family has done to you?

When did positive thinking become stagnant and discouraged?

What is a movie you could watch again and again just to make sure you don't get it the third time?

You are sent back to the day the titanic set sail with nothing but a 3rd class ticket (and food water ect) what do you do?