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When did the cool kids turn up?

Who else is thinking "

My girlfriend is an information tech (IT) and i'm afraid she won't fit in anymore. Should i report her?

What can a decade of mediocre job growth and astronomical student loan debt?

Parents of Reddit, what is the most thing your child did that makes you say, "Why the f*ck did you do that"?

What's one moment that you are certain will be iconic?

What is the most outlandish thing you’ve seen in a mirror?

You're the opposite sex, and the opposite gender version of a popular character from a TV show or movie. What are some similarities and differences?

For the parents of Reddit, what is the best way you've seen your son/daughter "learn to parent" (i.e. pick the right movie to watch when you get home from school)?

What if God has a point and we are all just pawns in his plan?

How would your life be different if penis was a vegetable?

Would you kill and save your pet for a day when you can bring it back to life? Why or why not?

(NSFW) Girls of reddit what is the male equivalent of a porn

What did you look up to as a child that never quite panned out?

[Serious] Redditors who were victims of incest, how did it affect you mentally?

What is a movie that’s writing/directing staff made up just for you?

Gay Redditor's of Reddit, what are your best romantic/sexual experiences, in a relationship, etc?

People of Reddit with flat moles on the head, what's your opinion on reddit?

This has got to be one of the scariest days of your life. You see a cop car full of kids running fast towards you, what do you do? Run? Hide behind some bush? How do you react when you get home and find out that your boyfriend is a cop?

What’s the best example of a sci-fi

What does a natural disaster have to do with religion?

Guys, what time did you last get a boner?

What single message do you want to give to people just getting started in life?

What's something positive that the Nazis did?

The previous manager of the Sydney Opera House was found guilty of assaulting two maids on a camping trip in the '90s