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Why do white people feel like minorities are being racist?

I need help

My girlfriend is vocally opposed to any kind of "political correctness", and would kill for free speech regardless of how many times I've told her to shut the fuck up?

Whats a drink everyone likes but you just can't stand the taste?

What makes you say "All lives matter"?

Happily married (for 15+ yrs) couples of Reddit, what are some common challenges you face and how can we alleviate them (baby changing, child rearing etc)?

What are some of the best anime out there?

When does enough is enough?

What would happen if Donald Trump became a dictator?

To the people who constantly call out "White Privilege" or "Color Privilege", what are your reasons as to why you do this?

What can the name of a cartoon character be that no one knows about?

Then why are you a mods?

I accidentally hit my 4 year old sister with my car. What should I do?

What is your evidence-based reasoning to getting a puppy?

You're a space pirate, but you're also a doctor. What's the first thing you do that could potentially save a human life?

Which Animals Can We Pee On?

What are some real life examples of 'going viral'?

What movie would have been better if everyone involved was wearing different clothes?

What is your best memory from your childhood?

Cat lovers of Reddit, have you ever been a “crack cat” and what was that like?

Guys who dated their moms, why did you choose them?

Reddit, I'm an idiot, what should I do for you?

Girls of Reddit, what is something guys really suck at?

People who posted “this” but weren’t really bothered, why?

How do you feel about Bernie Sanders and the democratic socialist movement?