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What's the best social media out there?

What should everyone at least try?

[Serious] How do you think a country like the US could deal with its gun problem if the armed forces were heavily armed and the government was full of militia members?

Can you please stop with the hyperbole?

You can have one of these every day. Who gives a fuck?

People who dropped out of school to start a business, how is your business?

What are your thoughts on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17?

Reddit, what's the biggest mistake you have ever made with a girl?

You are spending your honeymoon having sex with the main character from the last tv show you watched. Who it will be?

Who are some underrated artists?

What food did you love as kid but now realize how unhealthy it is?

What is your hero/ex-girlfriend's name?

People of Reddit with small towns, how does it

You can choose one person from all of history to orgasmic orgasm. Who do you choose and why?

What is the most outrageous lie a Trump supporter has told you?

Title from Pokemon Sun and Moon is "You are... older?"

People of Reddit who stopped playing when they reached L1... What were your last two internet game playas?

You have 7 seconds to ruin a wedding. What do you do?

What are some of the best examples of religious symbolism you've come across?

People that worked on former Trump supporters, what was the final straw that made you regret your decision to support him?

What are some good subreddits to kick ass in?

You’re walking down a dark street and see a man on all fours having sex with a woman on all fours. How do you react?

Are you overweight or obese? Why?

What's the most toxic culture you've been a part of?

What is the most ridiculous thing a Redditor has said?