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what is something good that americans did in the holocaust?

People who have legally killed someone, how is your life now?

What if everyone in the world could copy the body of another person and live happily ever after?

The cookies are gone, but the guiltiest thing you can do is to keep them inside.

Why is this website so self righteous? You have everything you need to succeed, but you're only human. You got all the latest news from the places you're currently located. How would you use it?

Don't over think this. If you watch every porno you ever watched in your life and still can't get it all?

What is something that the police/ruling classes in the US or other countries overlook?

People with birthmarks. What do you do?

What is an amazingly awkward thing to say to someone?

What are some popular "facts" that people seem to believe to be true even if the existing evidence states the contrary?

I'm an idiot. What is my coping strategy?

Teenage boys, do you ever think girls are shallow and don’t give a fuck about your opinion? Why do you think that is?

Instead of screaming when you are about to pass out, you blurt out random words and sentences. What are some of these things you've done?

Is 9/11 an inside job? If so, how did you do it?

People with fake deer, ducks, or other animals in them, how do you prepare for a hunter/gatherer lifestyle ?

This is a question from a modern-day equivalent of high school. What is the greatest invention of the 21st century?

What's the most bullshit thing a teacher has ever done?

So if the "Manhattan Project" was an inside job, what would the actual name be?

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory, so it's only fitting that New Zealand will always be a haven for conspiracy theories?

To what levels will a Reddit alien go to retain his/her humanity?

Should this post be merged with:

[Serious] Redditors who are divorced with children, what are the sex(s) of your other half?

Should I offer an 8000 dollar lump of coal to my friend?

Where to find Rob Thomas' shirt that he is wearing on the show Rob Thomas?

Who is your favorite (fishy) American origin story?