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Why do you think Redditors are so mean?

(NSFW) People who have gone to jail or prison, which person in there was the toughest

I'm an atheist, but I'm getting desperate.

What would you do if you were, you know, a superhero and could only access one ability ?

I lost my virginity

What is the most unlikely thing you would have done, if only you knew what the hell was going to be the next day?

People who still support Trump in spite of all evidence to the contrary, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Redditors with or who are super nerdy, what is your super nerdy life?

Gamers, what are some of the best fw replies to any OP question you've ever gotten?

What do you do when your friends tell you a lie?

Gym-goer, female and the rich girl are all having a party at my house, what should the class of "clueless pet owner" be?

People who live in 3 story houses, what’s the norm in your house?

How do you feel about the gay marriage/transgender marriage debates?

How would you feel about raising minimum wage to $15 an hour across US?

What was the cringiest thing that you did as a kid?

Woman was talking to her 3 year old son on the LRT. The older son asks the son what the meaning of life is. The son replies "Mom, what does it mean to be alive?". What’s your 3.1.1?"

Whats your favourite song about misery?

What is the smartest thing

If animals had ant farms,

What's a

The two best and worst things about life are hope and fear. How would you make life as miserable as possible while hoping for the best?

What is the most under appreciated aspect of life and why ?

Redditors with multiple accounts, what are the pros and cons of having 2 accounts?

What foods did you love as kids but hate as adults ?

Lawyers of Reddit: What was your “oh I thought that was normal” moment where you realized just how abnormal this kid was?