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The Chinese are beating men into a pulp by pouring ketchup on top of their heads, and the bright-side: they got some free food. What other social miseries are inflicted on Chinese people?

What would you do if your penis started pumping and you were having fun but it was still a virgin?

Psychiatrists, Generalists, Historians, etc: What are some of the subReddits which are their specialty and what are the topics they cover?

People who were directly affected by the events of 9/11: what was it like to be alive then and how can we all come together now to support one another?

What was the stupidest thing that you heard while on meth?

Is it bad to show support for the LGBT community in this way?

What was the strangest thing that made you feel human again?

What cartoon taught you a life lesson that you wish others would know?

What do you think about Make America Great Again?

If humans lived to be 500 years old, what unifiills tasks would the future world be lacking?

Gamers of Reddit, what was your longest lasting gaming effect? (Serious)

Who is a celebrity that you wish was white?

What's a place easy to enter but difficult to exit?

[Serious] Translators of Reddit, have you ever had a character in a story hook, so to speak, that was so demanding of the translation that you literally had to translate that character's personality? If so, what was the story?

Diet soda brands are starting to take notice and start pulling their ads from soda pop flavors, what will the next step be?

People who lived in Third World countries (like my mom did), what is something about your culture that most people would be horrified to hear?

What did your crush do that really stood out to you?

What question would you ask a female superhero?

What’s your most hated OCD fantasy?

Trump said the Unseen Enemy would be revealed in June. What's the most likely way it could be revealed in July?

How do you feel about Elephant Man?

What is one thing you strongly dislike about liberals?

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Teachers of reddit, have you ever had a student with a disability?