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What’s the best way you’ve been able to use an iPhone?

Reddit, what is something that you can never have enough of?

What does Reddit think of the Cops getting rid of all guns and gangs getting rid of all drugs?

When did you have your first true falling out of love?

Ladies of Reddit, how similar are your boobs to your vagina?

Is this why Reddit sucks so much?

People who were popular in High School, how did you prepare for the popularity contests and state fair theme song contest?

What is the worst thing someone has done to you?

What are some creepy/unusual videos on YouTube that most of us are too young to even know about?

As a black man, what can white people do to help improve their relationship with us as black men?

Some advice on a first date?

What would the Civil Rights movement be like if it was 100 years earlier?

[Serious] How would you feel about a national walkout from work day for non-essential workers to show that the economy can't be saved if workers aren't saved?

What’s the best moment you’ve personally ever experienced with someone on an LJ?

People who are excited about the idea of a national walkout of work day for non-essential workers to show that the economy can be improved without unionization, why aren't you more excited about

Former Trump haters, what's the best thing he's done since the election?

Which show are you most likely to rewatch in the future?

What if 2016 was the last year of this world?

Are all cops violent, and why are some cops so obsessed with crowd control techniques?

If you could pick one product that would definitely help in your chosen field, what would it be?

You get to have sex with the Woman, only you are a man, what do you do?

Couples counselling together, what have you noticed was helpful/funny/embarrassing in other people's lives?

What's a "thing" you do to seem more sexier, but actually you don't enjoy doing?

What do you NSFW questions for the men at reddit?

So, what's something you have somehow learned about your parents that makes you genuinely sorry they have to live with you ?