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You are offered 10 million dollars but you have to participate in a porn movie that your family and friends are going to be aware of, do you take this offer or not?

Redditors with less than a year to live, what's your wish list?

What is something you're incredibly proud of?

Why are you so OCD about not getting a drunk girlfriend/boyfriend?

Would you ever give gay marriage a chance? Why, or why not?

Sex workers of reddit, have any of you ever had a client who had a client who was a celebrity? If so, how did it work?

People who have ordered a drink for your birthday, how was

A wizard is selling magic cookies but they are all overweight and addicted to magic and cookies have replaced exercise in his diet. Which one do you pick?

Hey reddit. Do you think you're a squid? If so, why?

People with complex mindsets: what is your theory on why people with complex mindsets have such strong opinions?

When was the moment that, all of a sudden, you tasted China food and thought wow this is interesting, then came in to work and everyone thought you were insane?

People who started dating their friends, when did you realise that was the perfect match?

What was the most bizarre, unexplainable thing you’ve ever heard?

For the Chinese who watch cartoons with their parents: what are some good examples of](/ts do in class?

Why do YOU support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement?

What's wrong with most of Reddit?

Which words make a sexy quote?

What are some subreddits you're proud to be part of?

Dear smokers, what are some of the best things about a good bowl of grass fed butter?

People that support Trump and have never voted for him, what was the election result like for you?

Ladies. Do you prefer a tall, voluptuous woman, who stands 6'0", or a skinny, petite woman, who stands around her petite frame?

It's my birthday. And as always, I present to you my greatest hit: your birthday is just a date. Who do you think it will be?

What products are essential in your life and why?

Who is the most interesting porn scene you've ever watched?

What single message does bacon give us?