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Have you ever had a moment where you thought you would die? Why?

what makes you angry?

How do you feel about giving fake cancer certificates to cute kids?

Redditors with and's and's in between them what is it like?

What annoys you the most about the world?

Gym goers of Reddit, have you ever been so close to someone, and then they bit you? How did it go from there?

People that marry foreigners, what are the most unusual facts or customs they have adopted here?

What have you done that made them the best friend of yours for a while?

Babysitters of Reddit, have you ever seen a "Guardian Angel", a Guardian that would save the day? What did they do?

What’s your favorite non-sexual thing about yourself?

Flat Earthers, why do you like the flat earth theory?

What was a real life glitch that ruined your year?

What was the last meme you encountered ?

To the non-Americans, what is the default thought that comes through in your country that is insulting to Americans?

People who have better judgment than most, how does it make you feel when people underestimate your ability to make intelligent decisions?

[Serious] What are some creepy user-created stories of kindness from people you know?

[Serious] Whats something positive Donald Trump has done for his country?

Who else wishes they had more agency than usual?

People who tell other people to "just get over it" (where to find the motivation to do it yourself?), why

Do you ever go back and reread old sci-fi novels to make sure no one has changed anything?

People who don't use google as their primary search engine. How do you find information about your interests?

[Serious] How would you feel about mandatory drug testing to get Medicare

What are you seriously tired of hearing people say?

People who made a decision 20 years ago that you're now regretting, how would you feel about changing your mind?

When was the last time you saw someone you love?