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People of Reddit who used to be bald, how did it look like before you had to go bald?

The voting public likes Donald Trump, but how do you make his approval ratings as low as possible?

What character from all of fiction best resembles you and why?

People who tear down houses professionally, what are some of the unique challenges you face?

If a genie grants you the ability to change anything about his life for the better, what would you do?

When did Irish people get tired of complaining about the colour of their skin?

Gamers, what is your favorite game that gave you a lifetime of gaming memories?

Teachers of Reddit, have you ever had a teacher give a "Whoops!" when you got home from school?

What are your experiences with racism?

What are the biggest problems in America today?

This item is discontinued.

[serious] what were you doing that you should probably share ?

Doctors of reddit, what is the best thing someone has

[Serious] Who was a genuinely nice person to you growing up?

If 30 second sound files became the new normal, what would 30 second sound files be?

Desktop/Console- 99/10/2004 : Integrated circuit breaks, powers go out, computer dies. You are whisked to a safe room, where you will spend the next 24 hours recreating the circuit from memory. Can you do it?

People who have the biggest gaps between them what is it like to have a “spare’ in the family?

What movies would've a happy ending if the bad guy got killed off?

If you're so mad, why haven't you deleted

People with strong opinions on this website, what are the facts you've read to back up your claims?

Christians, what good things has God had to show you?

If you had to invent a new intellectual race, what would it be and which one would you pick?

How do you feel about Farrah Fawcett?

What do you think about Kevin?

People who have a problem talking about things that matter to them, what's the most awkward thing you