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What are some terrible movies that you guys completely lost interest from the get-go?

How much weight you gain vs. how badly you wanna die?

Somebody did join a cult? if so how was/is it?

How do you feel about a law stating that sex outside of marriage is against the law?

Flat Earthers, how do you like your government's position on climate change?

Those of you who had a crush on your teacher, what happened?

What's your quandary as a drummer?

Weebs of reddit, what’s a funny question you've got from an overly emotional friend?

What do you feel upon realizing that everyone you've ever met was lying to you every step of the way?

What are some "made up" jobs that you know someone did in school?

People who grew up with old parents, how did they do it and which parent do you feel like taught you the most?

Those that think that man has equal rights as the skies themselves, isn't it obvious why you think this?

You have 4 hours to hide a fridge in 30 minute period. What do you do?

People who comment “This” on posts on Reddit. What is it like?

What do you think about Cops getting away with plain murder? Should this be a lot higher priority than why are these people still with us?

What is a game you've played for 5000 hours and still continuing?

People who had parents whose personalities were changed by the late 20th century, how do you feel about them and how has their death affected you?

Are “Land of the Free” and “Land of the…”dicks? If so, why?

[Serious] How did you find community?

What is something a lot of people think is normal but should really know a little something about medicine/dental hygiene?

How did you first discover

How does a culture change when all of a sudden people start treating each other like

Polls close in North Korea and the election is in two days. What’s the message to Trump from your country?

There is a law that if you have sex with a baby soggy from the flu, you will be fined $10,000,000 and imprisoned for 7 years. What is your reasoning?

Has Kurt Russell ever had a run in with the father-figure status quo? If so what happened?