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What's your favorite day as a kid?

What are the reasons why people post stupid comments on AskReddit?

When was a moment where you were truly, truly, and truly happy?

What time did you get

People with testicles, do you ever look at your left hand and think you are going to die? Why?

Transmigrants of Reddit, have anyone experience with Asian Americans? If so, how has their culture affected you?

Great job! I was just about to give up hope that someone would actually read this post. But then I did a Google search and found this...

People of Reddit who lived in 3rd world countries, what would you think of Trump's proposed border wall, Canada's and Australia's so called climate change policies, and the ongoing protests in the USA?

In a bid to better understand people from other countries, how does it feel to be an outsider?

What movie soundtracks are absolute jam packed?

When you were first starting out as a young adult, what small thing instantly stood out to you as an adult?

What is the best (not necessarily scary) video game (nintendo, etc) that you can think of?

What kind of Reddit were you before you started?

People who worked in the video games, what was the final straw?

Redditors with children, what's your opinion on parenthood and raising a child?

We caught wind of this one years ago, but we were too busy enjoying Uncharted 4 to care. Now we can finally drop the shock on everyone else. What's your greatest kink?

What’s a weird or interesting fact to mention on a podcast?

[Serious] What's keeping you from ending up with a handsome guy?

Can we please stop with the "if it exists, there is porn of it" thing. I'm 19 and have never sucked a dick before, have never had sex, never been in trouble with the law, never sucked on anything, etc. Why is this even an issue?

Some people like to read and i found this helpful while i was browsing reddit.

What's the best alcoholic or non- alcoholic cheap beer you know of?

What’s the difference between English and Japanese death and puns ?

What was the funniest thing a police officer said to you?

Today is International Men's Day. As one who has struggled with gender roles myself, and as a father, what can I do to help?

What makes you the cutest?