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What is your favourite Keanu Reeves movie?

People of reddit who took out smaller-sized tubs with cereal in them when the small one broke, why?

If a dude got a handjob from someone who only spoke in sign language,

2. You got to have sex with the Devil to get out of burning house but you have to spend a week in the burning house you are in right next to each other's house for warmth. Which house would you choose?

The Affordable Care Act is live, and it's called "the unaware gulag."

My cousin's best friend is a massive nerd and he loves watching anime and playing with my older brother's collection of anime/manga. What should i say to our parents that will make them understand?

What was a school teacher's best friend's opinion on your class?

Which was actually rape? A fake and a crime has been committed, what are your opinions on the matter?

Hey Redditors with kids, whats it like having a kid?

Your username is your only weapon against an alien that has

What are your stupidest YouTube channel name suggestions?

You are now the manager of Humans, what changes can we expect in the near future?

What was the worst thing you did as a child?

What’s one weird YouTube comment that actually makes you chuckle?

The Note 7 is the most disturbing of all possible confections. What other examples do you have?

What's a simple yet powerful old sexist comment you still remember?

If you were the only person who had seen the Terminator and still believes the movie is accurate do you think you would still watch it and why?

What are some eye-opening things to do on Halloween?

What is your thought process when you see

Stories of your choosing...What would you write?

The guy with the biggest erection on Earth just gave birth to our first child… What are your thoughts?

[serious] How would you feel about a child labor law that bans employers from forced child labor and incentivizes work through self-employment?

How much money did you waste yesterday?

What movie scene is perfect in every way, but also contains one HUGE fault?

What’s an anime you don’t particularly like?