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To people who lost their job because of this crisis what was the final straw?

Where in the fuck are all y'all going?

How do you feel about copious amounts of video game sound effects?

What’s the most bullshit thing a teacher has ever said to you?

The Mummy is returning to life as a statue this December, but it will be dismembered and replaced with a new, still-intact copy of itself. What do you think?

Can we please

What was the best memory you can share with someone who has been traumatized?

Who is more annoying/trollable? Caitlyn Jenner, Joe Biden or Ted Cruz?

You have a task. It's simple: find a mirror image of yourself in a mirror. What do you do?

Can a country as advanced as the UK allow their teenagers to have sex?

If writing this post made you look like a total piece of shit, what would that look like?

People of Reddit with 4 or more kids, how much do you feel like you have accomplished something when it comes to raising a family?

Whats the cringiest thing you have ever seen from a child?

What is something inherently bad that people do to one another, and why?

People who found Seth Rich murdered: How did you find him?

The perfect date goes wrong when a flower is taken instead of the rose. How would you react to this date fiasco?

What was the most obnoxious thing someone ever said to you?

Do you feel like you're a failure as a person?

What’s one time you thought you would die?

Hairdressers of reddit what is the weirdest customer you have had to deal with?

How would you feel about people who get mad over rickrolls?

What is something you can say during sex and ordering a pizza?

What’s a game that takes advantage

You are suddenly transported to 2020 and are given the option to change anything about your life. What would you change?

What song are you humming when you're happy?