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What’s the strangest thing that happened at your school?

Which Harry Potter character do you feel sympathy for?

What movie is a lot shadier than it seems?

Doctors of reddit, what was your "oh my god that was close" moment?

What are your opinions on the James Bond films?

Our southern neighbor to the north is also slowly turning on us.

What's your stupidest thing you've

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What have you absolutely NOT done in your life ?

Do you notice school age children coming to your house to play hide and go seek? Do you keep them informed via Twitter ?

Transgender people of Reddit,

What does “you're so / so

What are some joke/mystery related questions you wish people would ask you?

How would you feel about a show where in the first half of the episode, Kenny Chesney goes from fapping to cheerleading, and in the second half, he goes from fapping to shooting people?

What fantasy character do you feel bad for the most?

Non American whats the closest equivalent of a " friend " in other countries ?

What to do when moving into a new house?

[Serious] Asian Porn Star Sluts of Reddit, Filthy Rich Asians, Lesbians and Bi Women of Reddit, how are you holding up with all the hate?

If the Republicans who are voting for Trump in November want to keep their jobs and keep their houses, what should be the incentive for them to do? Should it be an increase in the minimum wage or other benefits?

Which up-voting post gets you downvoting?

Where do tumbleweeds

When did a momentous event like 9/11 changed your life?

What is a classic that's been beaten into your craw?

Lawyers, What was the best 'gotcha moment'?

How can we all agree that the protestors in the US are too stupid to have guns?