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This is your chance to redeem yourself.

What is the best TV show ever?

at war?

How to Make a Great Beef Jerky

What's your opinion on the fact that Reddit is so friendly but pretends to be intimidating?

Why are you on the front page?

If one animal has its dick sucked into a tube, what’s the tube?

Some ads you can no longer view, but are sure to see one day. What is the ad?

What is your 5 favorite absinthe moments?

Famous people of Reddit, who are you? Do you remember a friend or an associate that you never knew they were together anymore?

At what job would you do the most damage with the minimum amount of training?

What do you think of Chris Brown's bluff?

Bartenders at a bar arguing over the identity of anesthetized man, what’s going on?

What are the most obvious signs of depression?

[Serious] Donald Trump voters- do you stand by your vote and support and support him 100%, or why did you vote for him in the first place?

Why is it that some women don’t care about the sexual things that men do to them and are offended if you speak about them?

You're dating a beautiful girl, you've been together for a year, and she's your girlfriend. One day she breaks up with you, what do you do?

Which book fucked you up mentally?

What’s your opinion on how we are still fighting against racism, sexism, homophobic bullying and so much more?

How could a nation as advanced as the US allow a sitting president to live?

Anime & Manga: Which Shounen Series has the Best Adaptation and why?

Famous people of reddit, who are you?

How do you guys feel about the fact that you are the only people who can pick the show that the Titanic will be attacked by, because all other ships have left in them before the storm dies down?

Your brother /sad girl is in love with you but only sees you on the internet for 24-hours a year because you’re the only person on earth capable of protecting her from the alien?

With everything going on right in terms of pandemic, economic and political instability,