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What would you call a person with perfect English that you can understand?

What is the most interesting scientific question you have ever been asked?

People who downloaded their Google data and went through it yourself, what were the results ?

The amount of time it takes you to answer yes to 3 questions is what causes freak outs in couples?

At what point do you start to get tired of hearing about BLM protests, riots etc?

Your Reddit Username Is A Porn Star, What Is His Name

Everyone who has eaten something good, it must feel like home. So much joy and happiness, in fact, that you feel compelled to give it a good old review on Amazon. What is it?

What's the most genius marketing strategy you've seen today?

Would you date an equally-talented stranger, one who did not have as many shortcomings?

What is everyone's opinion on The View and Jessica Simpson?

People of reddit with disabilities, when did you first discover your disability and what was it like?

What random question would you like to ask a celebrity?

What was a great movie you loved as a kid but now think was overrated?

What word can be perfectly synonomous with "f*ck"?

Sock fuckers of Reddit, how many people are clogging up your domain?

What’s your favourite Troll-isms?

What is the most infuriating YouTube comment you've seen someone make?

What are you really good at, but don’t tell anyone else?

What did you do in high school that you wish you could show to your kids?

Redditors, what is the biggest red flag in a friend that you've ever raised?

What trivial thing, no big deal, that really isn't that important but nevertheless is a deal breaker for many?

People who created the Hunger Games and Mardi Gras parodies, have you ever considered that these parodies could also be used as a way to subvert the real world?

How did you get over your crush?

What's the best way to be productive with nothing but an internet and a keyboard?

Just curious, has anyone else lost interest in the "Jersey Shore" because of all the negativity surrounding it?