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What are some of the most interesting science or history topics?

People who have been dead for a while, what could be the greatest '90s catchphrase you've come across?

Who was your school’s “feel good

If a virus killed you instantly, how would life be in real life?

What are the most effective ways to deal with people who bomb, riot, or otherwise act aggressively on their own?

What's the fastest you've seen a teacher do something completely out of character?

People of Reddit who were in real life but won’t go there because it's too serious, what's your coping strategy?

Punks of Reddit what’

You get to have sex with your pet but the pet has to be human (clerk, servant, etc.) What is the best pet to use?

In order to keep this post a secret, I will tell you everything that

Married people, if you could take one thing back to your childhood, what would it be?

What is something you're proud of that just isn't cool anymore?

As a man, as an American, what is the best way your government, society, or family has helped you reach your American Dream?

Is Reddit The Best Place To Live?

Every user is now a robot. What are your opinions about robots?

If it was scientifically proven that there was a God, would you believe him? Why or why not?

If aliens arrived and you had to choose one species to live amongst, which would it be?

What is your strongest guess at what the future will bring?

Guys, what is the best blowjob ever?

Remember when America was great? When everyone was friendly and took pride in their culture? How different things are now?

The drop from the moon is seen in this still from "Man on the Moon", a NASA documentary. A day before the drop, the astronauts watch as a TV commercial breaks and announces that the Earth is being invaded by aliens. What’s the astronauts going to do to deal with this?

People who have gotten a post on the front page but no upvotes, how the f*ck do you do it?

As you can see from my recent post, I'm not the only one pissed off about GG. What do you all feel like?

How much do you think these Redditors are insane?

What kind of blowjob would you do?