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How did you feel when you saw that you were selected to be the god of Misandry ?

Ladies of reddit, what is your penis story? NSFW

Without telling the name, what is your favorite song?

What's a song that's catchy but also strong with a hint of menace?

People who encourage people to kill themselves, why?

People of reddit, have you ever thought that you would one day be your best friend's girlfriend, and that they would one day be able to enjoy each other like a couple?

Redditors of reddit who had been eating ass in the woods all day yesterday, what the hell is that?

Why do we talk about Kavanughs and Crocodiles on this sub? Are they symbols of something?

[serious] people of Reddit, what are some signs that a girl is into you?

What would happen if someone in 2020 took your virginity?

You're 14 years old again, it's 3 AM, you hear a shotgun being chased by police, you run screaming into your room, run to the nearest pub, find a Glock 19 lying around the back of the pub, drop it on the bar and start taking aim. What do you do?

People who voted for Trump in 2016, but won’t be in 2020, what the hell?

Your Reddit Username Is Your Sex Position From The 'Babysitters' Room'

If an alien were to invade earth which superpower do you think he/she would have?

We love pussies, dicks, and assesholes in general but

What movies would be problematic if they had a black character?

What could be the best first

Nsfw (Not Safe For Work) subreddits, which have you rated B (gay, sober, d

Doctors of reddit, what is the best excuse you've heard for a student getting a disability?

What is the best spot to slip out of a crowded room whilst having a smoke?

For those who are struggling to make it in America, what are some positive signs to look for when applying for a green card?

Uni students, have you ever thought you'd one day get a good grounding in economics by doing a research project on an accepted topic? What would that project be?

[Serious] What was a moment where you realized that you were against Trump?

People who only use one color for house, what color would you choose?

At what job are