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New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs released their latest data today showing that population ageing is accelerating worldwide, with men expected to outnumber women by 2040. What’s the fastest you’ve seen men ages 20-34 overtake naturalisation rates?

Redditors, what is the worst thing anyone has ever done to you?

(NSFW) Guys of reddit, what does a woman do that attracts you more than anything else? NSFW

Your reddit username is your reddit handle. How well will you do in that regard?

What word perfectly describes your life?

What would you change about 2020 if you had the power?

What annoys you the most in the world?

People with birthmarks, how did you get them and how did they affect you when you saw them?

People of Reddit who are over the age of 21. How are you planning to celebrate your birthday?

Y'all 5yo virgin bastards who just ate ass. How ya planning to lose your virginity?

People who leave their phones in car open at night, why?

People of Reddit who've cheated on your SOs, how did it go for you?

Teachers of reddit, what is the most stupid thing a student has ever said in class?

What would an Obvious solution be to this problem?

Teachers of Reddit, have you ever had a substitute teacher in a class? What was he like to work with, and what was he like to be around while you were teaching?

Who is a famous person that is actually pretty horrible?

Today, I become the new president of the united states. What's my official title?

What is the most useless thing a parent has ever taught you?

Have you ever been “romantically” involved with a sociopath(ASPD diagnosed)? If so, is it a psychologically unhealthy relationship(

Stick with the bull ***** and the curve ball is about to drop what will stop him

What are some weird, unexplainable things that have happened to you in your life?

What would be your Reddit handle if you were the opposite gender?

There is a "Black Lives Matter" banner that is unfur the entire length of the Brooklyn Bridge. How would the entire world react to that banner?

What’s something you can say during sex but can't say during chemistry class?

Redditors of Reddit who have been raped, how was it ?