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What's your favourite song that you played bass in a band to cover life-changing episodes?

People who have walked in on their significant other having sex, explain how did you react?

Men of Reddit, if

Blind People of Reddit, How did You Ever Get Around To Reading This Question?

What are some things that sound like they should be a giveaway, but you never are?

You got a room at a kids & family resort. The rooms are so tiny, but it's all good. What games do you play?

Blind People of Reddit, Have You Ever Been Photoshopped?

[Serious] what is something extremely difficult that a lot of people have struggled with your entire life?

Men of reddit, what’s a great way to make everyone else around you feel special?

What's the most fucked up video game you've played?

Ugly people of Reddit, what's your funniest story of embarrassment?

People who favor "the other guy" excuse (excuse? why?) why?

Dear subreddits, what are your plans for the day?

What's the most Halle Berry thing wrong with you?

Male Architects of reddit, what is the most challenging challenge that you have ever had to make (be it with a client or otherwise)?

what’s the most irrational thing you’ve done?

What sounds like fiction, but is in fact a real historical event?

What would you do if you were a pornstar?

[Serious] Do you have any useful tricks to share?

People with vaginas, where is the worst place you've ever had a bad experience with a vagina, and how did they ever get past it?

(NSFW) girls of reddit do you realize that their hobby is actually kind of creepy?

What are some wholesome accidents that happen one day, but are actually traps?

Do you think you would have made it through today if you could?

What books should every person read at least once?

On January 6, 2018, N. Korea launched 'Hwanja'. What do you think of it?