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I'm in my (walk-in) closet while my brother and his fiance are 'having fun' in my house with my cousin's permission. I can see them. They haven't started anything yet. When they start fucking what should I do?

Uni students of Reddit, what is your favourite quote from all of K.R.O. and why ?

Swap a word from your favourite movie quote with "ere"?

Trump supporters of reddit, what are your personal Trump's fault lines?

If all movies had a catch phrase, what would it be?

How do you guys feel about the BLM protests, especially since George Floyd just got punched in the face by a Trump supporter?

People of Reddit who were saved from an abusive household, how is everything going for you?

What do you wish a child would know about manners?

How would your relationship with God be different if he were a lesbian?

Your {nfl team name} is now the {insert your favorite acronym for an organization} logo. What is the {nfl team name}.

What was the biggest 'fuck you' moment where you actually got your wish?

What were the reasons that you got mad with your parents?

At what

[Serious] What were the biggest ups and downs in your life?

What if God did a bad enough job creating the universe?

If skin color was a choice what would it be?

What are some common

What song is in your head?

What is something only 3 people at all of Reddit can understand?

People who showed up to save lives, why?

I am a 19 year old boy from the land of cookies and vapors. What fantasy would you have for your girlfriend?

If you were an alien that landed on earth trying to be human today (a bit like Hicks

Reddit, what was the most cringe instance of “this is too good to be true” you’ve ever experienced?

What do you think of the concept of "registered sex offender"?

You’re having sex and after a while the semen starts to drip and you can see the outline of the bed through it. What design option would you choose to get rid of this pesky quirk?