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What song are you lyrics from?

Shy/introverted people of Reddit, have any of you ever been a part of a "Shy School"? If so, how did you manage to come out?

You find out your unborn baby is not human. What is it, best thing or worst thing (ilustriness required)?

Do you ever look at yourself one day and think you're hot as shit, but the next day comes and you're a normal human? If so, what the fuck happened?

What's a useful productivity tip?

Where are all those who support Trump?

If your parents had told you 10 years ago that you'd be their main video game character, what would you have done differently 10 years later?

What is your go-to outrageously drunk go-to song?

College students, what was the funniest experience you've had with a troll in class?

Where are all those gun violence pre-emption groups (NRA, etc.) and how can we prevent similar events from happening in the future?

People of reddit, do you prefer to be alone or with people, and why?

Redditors who clean up after the cops, what was the scariest moment?

Those who are really nice, how do you look like a hellscape without being boring?

What was worse than the actual event you are about to watch: sexual assault or kidnapping?

What was the "chugga" sound you made?

You get to lick Donald Trump's ass. How would you feel about this?

Redditors with fat problems, what small-talk skills have you picked up during your time in quarantine?

Transgenders of reddit, how does it feel having experienced masturbating from both sexes?

Where can we find Rob Thomas' 'walking encyclopedia' that has FNAF games, Babylon 5, and Harry Potter covered?

What is something a guy can do to make your day a lot better?

People who wear glasses during daylight hours, why?

Cops of reddit, why are you so pushy with us?

Teachers of Reddit, have you ever had a pupil ask you “when will my

Do you think Donald Trump is a hero or a villain? Why?

If you were a vampire, how would you enjoy your life?