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How do you feel about FatPeopleHate. When did it become acceptable to post pictures of your weight loss efforts on Facebook?

You are now the manager of pep rally, pep talk and no other topics. What will be the funniest topics to discuss during these next few days?

Fuck my friends parents... how do i come back to them?

Redditors of Reddit, what is something Denver Post fans hate about the team?

What's the most fucked up thing you've done as a tourist?

How do you tell a depressed friend or a close relative that you don't have the mental resources to listen to them be depressed anymore?

List of Common Fallacies Everyone Should Stop Using

What was the dumbest thing your friend did that you still remember?

If you could have the choice of getting a penis, penis, vagina, butt or both, which would you choose and why?

How do you feel about Pandemic and the dinosaurs?

What are some subtle ways a friend can make you feel special?

What is a myth that you're sick of hearing?

What one can give away to your grandpa?

What would be a totally uncontroversial explanation for why there is no god?

Guys, what's the best thing a woman has ever done for you?

What was something someone's “how the f*ck did you do that” moment?

Women of Reddit who are sexually active, how is it different than sex but different men also get attracted to women sexually?

What's the best pick-up line your

When will the first “How was that?” post be done?

This function is deprecated in favor of calling fflush() and shutting down the whole process.

After making cake with my two sisters, one of them told me how the other one's boyfriend sucked her breast while she ate cake. What is the most I can do to stop them?

Have you ever been in a relationship? If so, were there consequences?

Would you be offended if I gave you the option to instantly lose 10 pounds of fat, and still look like a fattie? If so, would you?

What is something perfectly legal that you do that people still find completely inappropriate?

[Serious] Redditors who voted Trump in 2016 and do not plan to do so in November, what was your motivation in voting for him?