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What's your pet peeves?

Is it offensive to say that you don’t have emotions?

The Disney theme park already has one stereotypical villain: the elephant. What if instead of an elephant, a shark came to life?

People who accuse others of rape, explain the why?

Who was your childhood crush like? How did it affect your friendship or romantic relationships?

What is the most wholesome thing a stranger has done for you?

You're a KTV star, what's the first song you go on air with?

Redditors who are from rural areas, what makes you feel like you have no other choice but to live in such a small town?

What is your opinion on the fact that the emperor is wearing no clothes?

Have you ever been falsely accused of rape? If so, what happened?

Teachers of Reddit, what was the saddest lesson you've ever heard about students that you still think about today?

Ladies of Reddit, what lickslut like sexual experience do

Blind People of Reddit: What did you find/find hard to believe until you checked it out?

What’s the best I've ever heard?

What was the best moment where someone you know/knowed/have been touched by someone special?

What's an ordinary thing that, when you think about it, isn't so unusual?

People who downloaded their Google data and went through it, what was it like?

What can you say as a hypnotist but also during sex?

I accidentally posted a naked pic of my best friend's boomer mother...

What’s the strangest thing you have seen at a funeral?

How many of you are browsing this post?

What was your introduction to a crush like the American version of that one-legged dog?

People of Reddit who worked in porn, what was it like growing up?

What can we do to stop Donald Trump from becoming a dictator?

You're a robot, but you can only use one tool to accomplish a task: kill all robots. What is that task?