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Doctors, what is the worst incident related to sex you’ve seen?

What inanimate object would make a great pornstar?

Americans of Reddit, what are your thoughts on Europe's migrant crisis and Brexit?

Has anyone else noticed that Reddit is full of 'haters', and I've been 'the cheerleader'?

Reddit, I just gave birth to my son to an induced labor and the baby is autistic. What do I do?

Who is a person in history that is forgotten but should really be talked about in school?

Some people love complaining about their inability to express themselves. These people know a thing or two about complaining. What is the worst thing a person has said or done to you personally?

What did you do recently that would make a ton of people think you are cool?

What do you think is the perfect food at 3 in the morning?

Most Americans are racists, according to a new CNN/ORC International poll. Why do so many continue to defend racist beliefs and practices?

Which religion is your favorite to this day?

NSFW [NSFW] What are some of the best places to be alone in the United States?

Do you think parents should invest in small businesses to learn how to set proper boundaries and become more independent later in life? Why or why not?

From now on every time you fuck your partner the dog has to eat you first what will be your nickname?

Daughters of american parents, what is something your father does that makes you feel like your a failure?

What do you think of Pence's arse?

What is your favorite twenty one pilots song?

Why do you support communism? Because you fucking hate the government?

How would you feel about a character driven RPG game to shed light on police brutality and the corruption within the police force?

What would be the 'If…' situation where the answer is yes?

People with and who support Trump: what's holding you back?

You got a room at a kids and family resort and everything is allowed except drinking and video games. What are some of the coolest things you find?

Have you ever had a dream so dark, and it made you realize just how dark it really is?

You wake up and discover that the people that you thought were out to get at you are actually really nice and considerate. How do you adjust your life?

Guys of Reddit, what is a girl's best friend's opinion about you?