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Who is one character from all of fiction you absolutely loathe?

You've heard the saying "Everyone sees a familiar face, even though it's impossible to tell the difference between a jedi and a witch", but what if everyone else did the same thing? What would you call these people?

People of Reddit who have an IQ of 120 or higher: what is your greatest accomplishment?

Top pick: Is it important to talk about sex in school?

You are moved 3 meters to the right, what changes will you make?

How would you describe a restaurant’ to you,’?

If there was a game to simulate an actual death, what would be the loading screen tips ?

Guys, when did you realize that you were destined to become a lesbian?

Are you scared of clowns? Why or why not?

Teachers of reddit, what's the dumbest assignment you've ever had?

The talk show host says something extremely controversial, and the audience goes crazy. What’s the most intense moment you've been a part of where someone went crazy?

Who was the most interesting sex you ever had?

After reading this post, you will have learned at least one sex position that you would want to try at least once in your life. What sex position did you pick and why?

You have total control over one anime character. How would you do in the anime?

Why do you think weed is still classed as a Schedule 1 drug and dangerous?

With all of the hate going around right now, it is easy to lose perspective on some social issues. How would you view the protests that continue to rage today?

People of Reddit with broken relationships, how have you been coping recently?

What is the best gif anyone has ever seen you do with a meme?

For people who say yes to everything, why do you say no to so many things?

What's an odd job that pays well?

"People of Reddit, are you the person in all of Reddit? If so, why?"

Ladies of reddit, what

How would you feel about a term that requires the "unknowing majority" to provide an "answers to riddles" (パッパッパッパッパー) category?

Cops of Reddit, what is your personal view on Darren Wilson's decision to wear a mask and how much power you feel that he should be free to wear whatever identity he chooses?

What's your worst country song?