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Is it still okay to enjoy browsing while under the influence?

NSFW Have you ever had a dream that ended up happening? If so, was it a good dream?

what is the best video game that you've played for a million dollars?

What has been your biggest breakthrough?

In a video game, if you come across an empty room with a health pack and an ammo pack, you know some serious shit is about to go down. What is this shit?

LGBTQIA+ Folk of Reddit: what is something straight people do that they don’t realize is offensive?

What do you think about sad women?

Ladies of Reddit: what is the longest erection you have ever had and how did it go?

What would the best romantic partner would be?

Parents of Reddit, what is your "Mama's

[Serious] People of Reddit who work in the food industry, what was the weirdest coworker to ever grace our screen?

How is a white lives matter banner down? What message do you want to give?

People who actually had sex with a family member, did you ever regret it? If

Fat people of reddit, why are you fat

How do you feel about an end to sex for kids?

If someone was going to ‘borrow’ your body for a week by slipping their consciousness in (yours is asleep), what would they need to know about your current health?

What do you think is the best thing to say when talking about 'Black Lives Matter'?

You are now the Pope's personal bong boy, what item will he take from your desk (or other private space) during his visit to your country?

Why have so many people sworn fealty to Trump and not bothered to vote for the lesser of two evils?

What’s something you've always wanted to know but never got the courage to ask?

Is it moral to punch someone in the nuts or is punching someone in the nuts justifiable?

What’s the most exaggerated thing a pet owner has done?

[Serious] For the people who say that the people who are most responsible for bringing about the desired social, political or economic changes are actually quite nice and considerate, what exactly are they doing that is so affecting?

What was the most brilliant thing you ever did?

What's a song you love but wouldn't play in a rock band?