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Redditors with and without babies. How does it make you feel that you have both got a ton of friends and all your friends are pregnant?

What do you think about 'White Christmas'?

I was in a restaurant with my then-boyfriend and his then-sister, and he stuck his tongue out in the middle of biting my ass. When I confronted him, he admitted to being a pervert. What's the most 'upsetting' thing that you've done to someone, by virtue of your position?

How do you guys suck it up?

What do you think your first kiss was like?

Who is a character you feel bad for?

What is a photo that you feel was taken too soon?

What are the benefits of having a girlfriend/boyfriend?

What do you think about western world in general?

Hairdressers of Reddit, have you ever had a client who was SO HORRIBLE to deal with but still wanted to be a part of the stream, why yes or no do you continue?

Parents of Reddit, what is the best "me time" (measuring in minutes)?

Now that Kanye West has rung you up the fuck with his TV camera phone, what’s your “if only…” thoughts?

Dog people of Reddit what’s your reason for existing?

why are you sorting by new? just to see what it will be like ?

What do you think about calling your foster home "spank em but don’t play" and why?

Girlfriend doesn't like the name Baby Bear anymore do you want to call it Smooth Sex with the Buff?

What is the best thing a media has done that made you cry like crazy?

White Collar celebrities - what was the most unexpected detail in your life?

He was attacked by a customer but fortunately the cashier helped. What’s your excuse?

Could someone explain to me the appeal of first world problems and concerns such as these?

What is the most badass thing you've accidentally said in the heat of the moment?

Can a fictional character with a very similar personality but a different accent please step in and write a two parter? Why or why not?

What is not to like?

Possibly involving riots and

Ladies of Reddit what’s the best thing a blowjob can do for you