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How do you feel about Goober’s?

How do you get enough upvotes?

You are now in the exact same place on earth you are now but 1000 years ago. How would you do in this new enviroment?

What can be used as both

[Serious] Has anyone lost a friend or a romantic partner? If so what happened?

Is the 4yr old you pictured in the confession picture above “sorry about that” then why do you feel compelled to tell the world that you are so depressed?

Redditors, have you ever been attracted to a supernatural/pirate/demigirl? What is it about them that you're really hot?

What is the coolest autotuneable song you know?

Racist of reddit, what's your reasoning?

What stupid question would you ask someone, that you would absolutely never ask yourself?


Redditors of the night, what's your wisdom?

People that let their mom count to 0, what was your moment when you realised it was time to turn the other cheek?

People who wear hoodies: why?

What surprised you about your friends?

What single song truly changed your life?

You are given the option to drop what you have and return to 12/31/2011 as yourself at that age, but with all the knowledge and experience you gained from the previous life. Do you take it? Why or why not?

I thought I was gay until I got a new partner! Did I go too far?

WTF why are you so mad at ccp?

What's the most creative way you've seen someone try to cover their ass while in quarantine?

If you can pick between **** and *, what would it mean to you?

Scientists of Reddit, what are some exciting developments you are expecting to see in the next few years?

You're an alien from another planet, only 100 years ago you were first introduced to human culture, everything from the way you are now is new. How will you adapt to a primitive society and how will you help them in their time of need?

Serious, right-wing extremists with guns?

Why are you voting for Trump?