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What's the best part about American football?

Has an NPC in your life that you don't know and are worried about... ever been?

What would you do if your friend didn’t

what was your biggest “this universe is fucked” moment?

What would you do if you found out that a member of your family was a cop?

[serious]What can your cry over/anger over a boyfriend/girlfriend HAD, be used as blackmail?

How do you feel about a law stating that children born to unmarried parents are legally responsible for the upbringing of the child(ren)?

Can I offer a personal opinion on this post?

What’s your “is this bitch serious” moment?

What was something you did that you are ashamed of?

What would be the most effective use of E! News?

How would you categorize whites?

How to become the next big thing?

Averted a shit ton of my friends were fat, and now I don't even bother to tell them how fat I am.

What is one thing men can do to make your day a lot better?

We recommend: 1066 – The Practice (US) by Dead Kennedys

Why do you think some people have trouble relating with other people?

[Serious] What are some of the biggest problems in the United States today?

Non-Americans, what has been the most surprising experience with a law enforcement officer, in your country or outside ?

Which is the most toxic social media timeline you’ve seen so far?

White Macy's employee was harassed into giving away her shirt. What can we do to support her in her fight back?

What is your absolute favorite episode of The Simpsons?

Why does Reddit go on and on about privacy, encryption, and why can't it have at least one decent post a week?

The AskReddit post that started it all: What should everyone start learning now?

Are you more likely to commit bank fraud if you are broke and if so why?