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On a related note...when you look at the trees in the Florida panhandle, which one stands out the most to you?

If a bunch of rich kids from outer space showed up to rob a small town bank, would you accept their offer? Why or why not?

Guys, how much do you want to mess with a girl?

What is your favorite "cliché" you used to tell your daughter or son?

What are some good choices when switching countries?

What is something you would do to have sex with Jesus?

People who have dated a crazy person, how did it go?

What's your favourite thing that your parents made you believe in?

Any interesting NSFW stories from your school days or even before?

People who were attracted to animals, how did it start?

Non Americans, how have you seen America portrayed in a fictional universe?

The Creative Cloud is here! It allows you to release any file in any format to the world. What do you think will be your upload target?

What TV series has been perfect from the first season onwards?

What are some good way to say "f*ck you"?

What are some niche YouTube channels that are really good?

What's the best "let's play" video game ever?

Who is the most beautiful person you've ever seen?

What sounds fake to a professional, but is actually 100% genuine?

For those who actually read reddit, how do you even begin to explain what is presented as fact on reddit?

What’s a 'thing' that is unusual only because someone has a thing stuck in their ass?

[Serious] People who have found a secret room or space in their house, what was it like? What was the password?

How would you feel about a law that if someone in public office died, the entire system would be suspended until a new elected body took over?

What was something a teacher did that actually made you say "Oi, teacher"?

What is something that you can only think about America?

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