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[Serious] Translators of Reddit, what is a story about a line that you felt you needed to translate, but couldn't bring the English to pass?

That gagging rule is racist. How do you think the world will change if people don't keep their mouths shut?

Your life is a video game. The game is called Life. What is the main story of the game ?

Admins of Reddit, what was the funniest Google result you came up with while playing?

In your opinion what is the most creative way someone has been exploiting you?

People who were killed in the US military, what was your funeral?

How do you feel about Veep's new announcer Jim?

If your mom and dad had sex why don’t they make out like in the video?

The Sims 4 offers 1000 Simoleons per household, but you have to piss all the furniture out the basement. Would you do it, why/why not?

Vegans of reddit, if a monster like this came into your life and you had

Rick Astley is probably the most hated person in the world, but he doesn't care. He uploaded a video of himself dancing to several popular songs in a row, and began racking up thousands of views a day. What’s his reasoning?

Redditors who have more than one TV with

Hey reddit, what is a book you have never really read but would love to at least skim through to understand it more?

What would you do if you find out your son / daughter is a Homosexual?

What hashtags have you guys spotted with

My wife and I are planning a wedding in July, and I want to know what year it will be. I want to think 2069 but if I'm being completely honest I think 2076.

What was your "this isn't happening

People who dissed trump, why?

Fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm, what are your thoughts on the show's ending?

what the fuck is wrong with most people?

People who drove drunk, why?

People who actually had sex with a video game, what was it like?

What would be the creepiest thing you've ever done that actually worked?

When you were first busted with porn, what excuse did you give for your behavior?

Do online games ever make you think your playing against human nature, that there are some human tendencies that are almost pathological?