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you are in a room for a month with no internet or data connection, what would be the dumbest thing you can say to each other?

What would it take for Trump supporters to also support an independent political party and vote for them on Election Day?

In 20 years, how will you and your friends remember this moment?

If Donald Trump loses the 2020 election, how will you feel?

What's the most ineffective part of your job?

why do you keep losing your phone # #

For the guy who gets the girl, what's your story?

[Serious] Why can't people agree that we are all human, regardless of gender?

Who’s the best fap story of all time?

How much hair do you currently cut?

People who want to express themselves clearly and honestly, how do you do that?

How do I tell my boyfriend he's creepy?

What's your baby name that you can brag about to your closest friends?

What are your most interesting “sad” moments?

No need to reiterate.

People who blog about "how to" things, what are some good examples of people making valuable tips without actually being able to give specifics in their posts?

How can one go back to sleep and still play Halo 2 when it is a free download?

How do you guys feel about the Occupy Wall Street movement?

What can you say as a serial killer and also as a police officer?

What is a product that you feel was unfairly vilified under the Trump administration?

People who've made out with your significant other, why?

How do people feel about Greta Thunberg?

What are you good at as a LEADER and what

What game can you come back to in a 3 year period?

What is your favourite "fan-fic" (no grammar, just pure awesomeness) that you've ever come across?