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An incident involving a real life koala has made the news in the news every day. What is this incident and how is it affecting you?

(Serious) I'm an ex boyfriend. (Serious, not really serious)

What was a prank your school got you to do that ended up being a huge fiasco?

How do you think your country or world will look in 50-100 years?

What are some good alternatives to the overpriced options like Amazon Prime?

People with nomads in their spare time, how do you get up-voting a comment to support a friend's post?

When is the right time to tell the dogs that they're going to hell?

What's your favorite crying funny story?

Young feminists, what is the hardest decision you have ever had to make?

What is your favorite moment from the Star Wars?

What will always be good in your heart?

What would be a new and never seen movie plot twist that you absolutely hate?

All this talk about consent and equality doesn’t go far enough. Why not give everyone a blowjob and call it a night?

Unexplained phenomena have happened to you and your family? What can be speculated about but is beyond belief?

What is the most wholesome thing someone has done to you?

Why do girls stay home on Mother's Day? Is it because they feel guilty about not being able to cook dinner for dinner?

What can American Atheists do to Help the Religious?

People who knew well-known online trolls, how did they know who it was, and how did it affect you?

By Leo Babauta and Ken Ham

People with any kind of a hangover, how much do you think you need it?

You are offered $1,000,000,000 to spend an hour in the bath, but the water is spiked with 10 times the normal amount of

What are the reasons why you don't support Bernie Sanders?

People who actually lost their virginity, how did it go?

Why did you choose Python as your primary language?

The thing that makes you say, “this is my fight” is the thing that makes you the most mad. What is that thing?