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What will the first Reddit post which reaches 10,000 upvotes be?

What is the most illegal thing you have done?

Why do Redditors call you P-Dub?

What can you say during sex but also in your family reunion?

What is the most under appreciated movie of all time?

Redditors with big-ass titties: how is it like?

What is your best "inconvenience" in your life?

Why do some of you like Trump more than any other president?

If you could have any superpower, what would

What are some songs that have a great rhythm or theme, but can also be great when you play along?

How would things be different if aliens didn't exist?

I found a stash of naked video game characters in my neighbor's yard. They weren't bad, just unkempt and disjointed. Where did they come from and how did you find them?

Why do girls approach you so much?

Who was your school principal, middle school teacher, or school psychologist?

What’s one accomplishment you are incredibly proud of?

What are some Go-To Food Pills?

What does a “go slow” onsager best friend suggest?

What has

What's your lie detector test result?

This is a great app. I love that I can now quickly access my friends messenger list. I find it very useful. Thank you so much!

For the 200,000 people who applied for a job at a Sunderland Children's Home on the 14th of July, how many of you actually got it?

What's the most bullshit “fact” you know?

Reddit, I just pulled out my phone intending to call my dog. When have you forgotten your humanity?

[Serious] How do you feel about Rick Astley releasing his music into the world?

Democrats, what are your thoughts on Trump's proposed ban on all guns?