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Who's someone you feel sorry for?

Uni students of Reddit, what is one thing that a professor said that was so genius it would've changed history if only someone had said it 10 years earlier?

Has feminism won, or is it just a matter of time before men can no longer compete with women?

What's something to say to someone who is lesbian?

In what position are you best able to defend yourself from a biotic or a biological?

Shy/introverted people of Reddit, have you ever been hiding something from people, but the people you are pretending to be shy around are extremely kind and considerate? If so, what is it?

People who own guns and protect their collection. Why?

If your life was a play and each

In what situation drinking (regular) can help?

What are signs of a narcissistic leader?

Possibly involving riots?

What did your crush do that made you feel special?

People who are sharing Reddit with their Girlfriends and BFF's... what's the most candid thing you've said/done with those types of Redditors?

If your mom and your girlfriend swapped bodies and one of them was a boy's 'cis' form, would you accept? Why or why not?

Your username describes your sex life. How does this affect your sexual life?

which book did you always want to read but never had the willpower to do until you got older?

If you had a chance to pick one product that would instantly

Students of Reddit, have you ever considered that the last thing you uploaded to YouTube could be the last thing you upload?

Reddit, what's the most racist thing you've ever seen?

Want to build a better future?

[Serious] Do you think the U.S. needs to arm the Kurds and begin bombing Syria? Why or why not?

You're suddenly 200 years old and everything in your world has changed. What was the first thing you did that changed everything?

People who still support Trump as President, why?

What are the spookiest phone calls or texts you have received from the dead?

Ladies, what fellas would you be if you suddenly became a dude?