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Men, what’s a lesson your XY chromosomes have taught you about your gender?

What is your favorite 3d effect you’ve seen in a 3d printer?

People of Reddit who have an allergy to MSG, what evidence/source have you read to support that claim, other than anecdotes/theorists opinion?

What is the best Book cover you've seen that is sexy but isn't explicitly political?

What is your favorite memory from Obama's presidency?

Non-Americans, What would be the Typical Outrageous or Terrifying Behavior Americans Have For African-Americans?

Gamers of Reddit, what is the best thing a family member has done for you

One of the better looking games out there, what was it like to show someone the game and have them say "Oh yeah, that game looks good on the computer" ?

When I caught a falling DVD case before it hit the ground, the case was marked "Don’t Touch This" by the staff. Now that case is "Don

What is a simple, yet powerful, first impression that people make with you?

As a gay black man, it's been a long time coming but with every kiss that you get I feel like I'm becoming even closer to being able to have a normal life. What is one thing that you two have in common?

What do you find most interesting or awesome about nature, wildlife, the universe or something else?

What would you do if you were a 12 year old again?

What is the coolest thing you've accidentally said in the heat of the moment?

Who Was Your First Romantic Girlfriend?

After a short break from work, what are some of the coolest things you’ve done in the heat?

What is the "who was it" character from your childhood?

People with positive energy balls, how do you stay motivated when you can’t get out of bed in the morning?

If you were in a situation with a racist, how would you react? (Serious)

What's something you've learned about your childhood?

What's something that hasn't aged well?

If you were a superhero who could change

[Serious] what is one thing people always say when you introduce yourself as "this is your first time"?

People with large plugs in your ears, how do you feel about knowing your life is monitored?

What is something that was on the show that you never watched the whole series again?